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toujou: Offering you a website relaunch at a guaranteed price

toujou simplifies website design by offering full-service support; moving your old website to the new system, the best in technology, responsive design and ready for SEO. If needed, we can provide content migration support and a design starter kit.

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Our international clients — sustainable and thinking globally. Created for agencies and companies that have a clear vision and need a CMS to showcase it. Powerful media and content design with even more customizable options.


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Individually designed, independently managed

Your sustainable website with toujou

Get started right away: create your website quickly and easily. Remain independent and in control: You can still update your website conveniently and quickly at any time. Become more efficient and position your message across all devices with the highly responsive toujou themes. The toujou bonusGet customer support from the experts.

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toujou – the scalable website builder

toujou combines the advantages of a website builder and professional content management system. It allows you to create your website without any programming knowledge, but still gives you the creative freedom you need.

toujou doesn’t have the rigid structures found in conventional website builders and is designed to let you create your own unique website.

toujou also provides competitive business website features, such as true multisite and multilanguage functionality.

Additional features can always be added even after your website is live. That way your site will always remain up-to-date and responsive to your changing needs.

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5 steps to your new website

  • Request a free demo

  • Choose your unique design with our theme settings

  • Create content with toujou's 150+ elements

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The benefits of a toujou website

Why should I choose toujou?

toujou represents the best of both worlds, combining the benefits of custom-made websites with off-the-shelf website builders. Reliable, flexible, modern, fast and secure — but also affordable and easy-to-use. It is also optimally equipped for accessibility, unlike the majority of our competitors. 

Would you like to learn more about the advantages of a toujou website and how to build a state-of-the-art website? Contact us to find out!

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Can I switch from another provider to toujou?

Yes, of course! You'll get all the tools you need to transfer your content easily and efficiently. Some websites may involve more manual work. To properly transfer texts, images and videos our expert staff is here to help you. We also offer a low-cost content migration service.

Do I need to know programming and/or web design to use toujou?

No. Thanks to our building-block principle, you can start creating your toujou website without any programming skills. To create your personalized website, first choose the toujou theme that best fits your vision. Then add further design elements by choosing your font, color, and logo layout. You can make custom style adjustments too.

The rest, including responsive design for all devices, is done automatically. 

If you need it, we are here to help you during the process.

I don't have time, can you create my toujou website for me?

Our team will be happy to help you create your new website. When moving from an old website, we can transfer all of your media, content, texts, metadata, etc. for you.

As a first step, we can create a free demo. That way, you can see what the possibilities are. We can guide you through the steps of selecting a theme, and configuring basic settings. There is no obligation to buy yet. We can transfer and launch of your website once you like what you see and would like to sign a contract.

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How much does a toujou website cost?

With toujou you get a professional website for NZ$ 50/month, the equivalent of NZ$ 600/year. There is a one-time activation fee of NZ$ 2100.

The price includes 10 GB storage, SSL certificate, security updates, technical development, and support.

toujou pricing at a glance

Are there really no hidden costs with a toujou website?

Yes, it's true. In our price guide and at the end of the contract, all costs are clearly laid out for you to see. Prices can be calculated transparently for the duration of our collaboration. The flat-rate service fee includes all hosting and maintenance services such as bug fixing, updates and further development.

When you call us, we don't start charging you right away. We assume that what's included in the toujou package should cover your needs.