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toujou for the agency and customer website

Fast, cost-efficient and individual: The perfect solution for KONTEXT

As part of its broad portfolio, the KONTEXT communications agency in Fürth, Germany also creates and maintains websites for its clients and their projects. Before and after the (re)launch, the focus is on fast and cost-efficient technical provision. toujou offers this – and is also persuading as an agency website.

KONTEXT: Communications agency for almost 30 years

KONTEXT public relations GmbH is a communications agency based in Fürth, Germany. The Franconian creative minds combine marketing, public relations and social media for successful communication of companies and local politicians as well as their campaigns. For their regional and nationwide clients, they serve the areas of strategy and content as well as crisis communication. Therefore they develop new concepts and strategies. 

As a consulting agency, the management and staff are committed to sustainable cooperation with their clients. The five core values of honesty, trust, openness, equal footing and optimism form the basis for this. It is therefore not surprising that Kontext can now look back on almost 30 years of agency existence.


Needs: fast website solutions without IT knowledge

Which agency isn't aware of this problem? A website is to be set up for a customer: fast, inexpensive and individual at the same time. In reality, however, all needs are often difficult to reconcile. At least one of the three points has to be compromised. The individual solution means costly programming, which clashes with the word fast. Conversely, a website construction kit is used for fast, which therefore offers little individuality.

KONTEXT was also familiar with this problem. Managing director Jan Frankowski and his team were looking for a cost-efficient and quickly usable website solution for their customers. No programming knowledge needed, no neverending waiting loops, no losing of precious time for and with the customer. 

Instead, the aim was to discuss the individual steps from launch to the various design adjustments until the website launch with the customer in a time-saving manner. At best, the customers should receive quick results and KONTEXT, in turn, should receive quick feedback. Despite price and time pressure, the individual webdesign options should not be left out. KONTEXT was also interested in an easy-to-use content management system in the course of its own backend work.


"toujou is a perfect option for customer projects that need to be implemented quickly and cost-effectively. The all-in worry-free package from the initial meeting to the go-live is top notch."

– Jan Frankowski, KONTEXT public relations Gmbh

Why toujou is the solution for agencies

toujou offers several advantages for the diverse needs of agencies like KONTEXT. However, the website builder based on TYPO3 should also be interesting for SEO, advertising and other agencies for the following reasons.


Thanks to the websitebuilder-like principle, customer and agency can choose from various themes and thus take the first step together in design matters. All pages are directly optimized for all end devices due to responsive design. With CSS adjustments, further wishes can be easily incorporated – either by the customer or by the toujou team.

In addition, toujou's features cover the different website needs of SME. These include the ability to write blogposts, to create forms or events and to tackle search engine optimization (SEO) in the editor. Also, a search function is available in toujou. Despite the websitebuilder-like principle, KONTEXT can thus create an individual website easily and quickly - such as for apEYE.

Features at a glance


KONTEXT has no need to prepare time-consuming screen designs that have to be discussed in ping-pong with the customer until all wishes are taken into account. No endless loops, but a quick idea what the customers wishes are. The customer benefits as well by getting immediate visualized feedback of the adjustments in toujou. Thus, both sides are benefiting by saving time and intermediate steps – and thus money. 

"Together with the customer, in the first step of website creation we can already convert his ideas and needs in a precise visual appearance ," explains Jan Frankowski, Managing Director at KONTEXT public relations GmbH. 

Moreover, neither customer nor KONTEXT have to worry about ongoing version and security upgrades of the website. toujou takes care of that, thus guaranteeing the most up-to-date technical status. Even more: The websitebuilder-like principle offers a fixed price and thus a predictable calculation for the agency in terms of programming. In addition, the ongoing development of toujou features and content elements is included.

toujou as an acquisition tool

But toujou is not only a website builder at a fixed price, which allows individual adjustments for the personal website. toujou also serves agencies such as KONTEXT as an acquisition tool. Thanks to the themes and industry templates provided by toujou, Frankowski and his team can send a preview link directly to a to-be customer during the quotation phase without having to invest many hours in programming.

Create your own agency website with toujou

Due to the intuitive usability of the toujou backend, a simple menu navigation and a clear system of the page tree, toujou wasn't just a topic for customers, but also for agency's website. The KONTEXT team had initially thought this as an individually programmed site. But also due to Corona, the modular solution with individual design freedom from toujou came into focus. 

Most convincing fact: the concept of a new website, which can be individually designed and can go live quickly, was already known: So why not transfer what works well for customers to its own website? No sooner said than done!

So sieht die Startseite der Kommunikationsagentur KONTEXT aus. Mit Klick auf das Bild gelangen Sie auf (Screenshot:
Viel Bild, wenig Worte: So prägnant präsentiert sich KONTEXT auf seiner Website. (Screenshot:
Hier zeigt KONTEXT, welche Leistungen sie im Bereich Content anbieten. (Screenshot:

For this KONTEXT chose the medatsu theme, which focuses on image and video content. "Thanks to the CSS customizations, we came very close to having a custom programmed site. We were hughly looked after from the initial contact to go-live of our website. If it was about formalities during the activation of the site or adjustments in the backend: We could at any time count on quick solutions when contacting the toujou team," says Frankowski.

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