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toujou tutorial

Indexed search

For users to navigate more comfortably and easily through your website they can use the search function. With toujou, this is an indexed search function – a TYPO3 standard. In this tutorial we explain the basic functionality of the indexed search, how to integrate it into the Front end, and the additional search function located in the Back end for TYPO3 users and editors.

Step by step guide Pieces of advice

Your content

On the left side of the back end menu you will find the orange icon page. Click on it to start the creation and structure of your TYPO3 website.

Basic functionality of the indexed search

Please note: Due to performance and editorial reasons, the indexed search is not enabled by default on toujou websites. Please contact the support team if you want to enable it for your website.

The indexed search feature lets you search for a specific term in all pages and types of files within your website, including HTML, MS Word, Excel or PDF documents and database tables. The indexed search allows visitors to search all of the pages  for single words, word combinations and/or word pieces. It will then lists all of the pages with the relevant term according to the following criteria: 

  • Hierarchy level: Where is the relevant page listed in the page tree?
  • Frequency: How often does the term appear on the individual page?
  • Weighting: At which position in the text does the term appear?

Step by step

Integrate the search field on the Front end

  • The indexed search for the Front end of your website is set up by using the »indexed search« element.
  • Create this new content element in the module page by clicking on the + icon. The pop-up window »Create new content element« will open. 
  • Click on »Indexed Search« (the element with the magnify glass icon) in the Widgets tab. The field headline will not be visible to visitors to your website.  
  • Save the changes.

Exclude a page from the indexed search

  • A page has to be indexed to be included in the search. In toujou, all pages are enabled for indexed searches automatically.
  • However, if you want to exclude a page from the search, you can change this setting easily. First, click on the page properties of the page, then on the »Behavior tab« and then deselect by clicking on »Include in search«.

Search function for TYPO3 editors

  • Along with the Front end indexed search function, the toujou Back end also offers a search function for all TYPO3 users and editors. At a glance, all of the pages of your website with their respective contents are listed.
  • The search field is located at the top right of your screen. Enter the word you are looking for and then click on »show all«.
  • Within the list view all indexed pages in which the word is used will appear automatically (see screenshot).


Pieces of advice

toujou is based on TYPO3 and anyone familiar with TYPO3 knows that there are many different options to use to reach your desired results. We would like to point out important information and little tricks that can assist you when you’re creating and editing your website.

A good website requires both a sensible structure and conceptually well thought-out content. The indexed search will list the search results according to the above characteristics. Follow our guidelines and adjust the content if needed to make the search results effective for your users.

For any new updates that you make on the page to be included in your indexed search you have to ensure that you reload the page in the front end while logged out of the back end. For any further questions about the indexed search and/or its implementation, our support team will be happy to assist you.