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Look good and avoid distractions with toujou

To succeed, your website must be practical and easy-to-use. A big choice of flashy display options can be overwhelming, both for the site owner and the visitor. Many website builders provide an excessive amount of choice, but little guidance on best-practice.

The toujou themes are built to be flexible and help you make good choices. They are functional and designed to ensure that your website is accessible and practical for you visitors. Less is more — with toujou!

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Our themes and their features

Expertly created, the toujou themes allow you to customize your website’s look and feel like a professional: for the best user experience.

medatsu theme

More images, more videos, more visual content

Meet medatsu

Layout of a medatsu website

toujou theme

Integrated navigation and logo within the header area

Meet toujou

Layout of a toujou website

hissu theme

Detached topbar, with a fixed body frame for content elements

Meet hissu

Layout of a hissu website

tabi theme

Featured topbar, service navigation, and three navigation levels

Meet tabi

Layout of a tabi website

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Theme switch? Not a problem!

Nothing will be lost if you switch between toujou themes. The content will only be displayed differently. This way you can try out different designs until your website is launched. Each of the toujou, hissu, tabi, and medatsu themes are different in four ways:

  • Top bar layout
  • Look and feel of the header element
  • Main navigation layout
  • Specific content widths and arrangements

Tutorial: Select theme & customize the design

Themes that make you better

Support for your first steps

toujou themes have a flexible layout that supports your design process. We have designed them for continuous improvement, so you can make changes at any time.

The overall functionality of your site won’t be affected when you make changes. That means peace of mine: You always know what the impact will be.

Tutorials: The toujou element library


Best-practice usability

Our themes incorporate usability best practices and help you choose the best colors, fonts, and sizes to maximize your website's readability and accessibility scores.

We're using the best source of advice: Google’s Material Design usability guide. It defines world-wide standards for graphical user interfaces.

Your corporate design can also be reconfigured at any time through your toujou website’s settings.


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