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hissu theme

hissu is borrowed from the Japanese meaning indispensable, essential and necessary. Websites are of the utmost importance for companies now and we’ve created our hissu theme with this  in mind.  

hissu features a simple design, with clean lines and all the necessary features a modern website needs to remain competitive and visible. This theme provides your content with a functional design that  emphasizes your navigation, header and content in a user friendlyway.

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Features of the hissu theme

hissu was designed to ensure you can create a state-of-the-art website quickly and easily without getting lost in any web design issues. The theme is based on TYPO3 and curated by our team of experienced web designers and web developers. As a result ,the theme offers the following advantages beyond most common web design:

  • Logo and navigation bar: The exposed position above the header gives both elements a greater presence on your website and increases the user's experience.
  • Tabs: The tabs are centered at the top of the screen, which allows for a greater capacity for the header to unfold. The second navigation level is only displayed by hovering over the tab.
  • Top bar: As the page scrolls, the logo and navigation bar will move with it, allowing users to access the individual menu items at any time. 
  • ​​​​​​​Fixed, narrow body mask for media and text elements: The predefined space to the left and right of content elements creates an modern look and feel for your website in both desktop and mobile views.
  • Mobile first: Of course, all our themes comply with common usability features, especially when it comes to responsive behaviour on display screens.

Templates with hissu

Who will hissu work best for?

The main feature of hissu is the predefined frame of the body mask, which ensures your content will look the same on all types of devices. Media and text elements will always appear with the same spacing. With hissu, you won’t have to think about the alignment in the desktop or mobile view

hissu is designed to work with every industry. Due to hissu’s versatility, the key question is whether you wish to integrate the navigation bar into the header as in the toujou theme – or have it exposed as in the tabi theme. 

Worth noting: The hissu websites listed here are only examples and can still be individually adapted to your design ideas at any time. We would  be delighted to help you with this.

You will find a wide variety of further display options in the industry templates ­– along with templates for other themes. Or you can also have a look at hissu with your content with the free and non-binding demo.

Websites built with hissu

Theme switch? This feature is only available in toujou! 

By choosing hissu as your new theme you have decided to transform the look and feel of your website. But this doesn't mean that you can't change this design later. In toujou you can try out our other themes with just one click in the theme module of your backend. Before activating your website* you have the option to be flexible in the design and can test your content in many different display formats.

*Of course, we do not recommend this while your website is already online. When changing themes or when relaunching an existing toujou website, please contact us to ensure a smooth transition.

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