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You know what your customers need

toujou is different to other website builders. It is especially well-suited for you who need flexibility, scalability and creative freedom — without having to think about technical maintenance. toujou is open source and doesn't lock you in. Should you wish to, you can take the website and the client with you.


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A good partnership, built to last

We take care of the basics, so you can focus on your project. toujou gives agencies and freelancers the security they need by providing technology and transparent pricing. Developing a corporate website means deciding on a technical path that both you and your customers will be happy with. toujou provides the path.

Clear responsibilities

toujou gives you peace of mind by taking care of technical development, updates, administration, and hosting. While you work with your client, it is our job to provide you with support. Impress your clients with your designs and ideas, and leave the framework for your web development to toujou.

Our choice in Open Source

Focusing on the important

Attention and emotional impact can be created both with text and editing or design and images. A successful website drives sales and contributes to positive branding. By combining rich functionality with power features, toujou is your tool for creating return on investment for your client.

Our tutorials, your tools

Supporting your first steps

Since it's driving your website and content management tools, the choice of technology will always be important. By mastering a technology you can deliver the best possible results to your client.

To help you master toujou and create success from the get-go, we provide workshops, online tutorials, and libraries that explain toujou in detail. And if you need help or feedback, we are happy to be your sounding board.

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toujou’s main assets

For you and your clients, toujou is a maintenance-free platform that lets you create business websites. Responsive design ensures that it works on all devices. Open-source technology with a large developer community means it's secure and up-to-date with the newest technology. Built-in SEO tools, a clear cost structure and control, scalable solutions, are the basis for long-term success.

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Outstanding technology

toujou gives you what the “big boys” have too. It is a website builder that is also a professional enterprise solution right from the start. We use semantic and well-structured data in industry-specific solutions to give you an integrated SEO experence. Our awards show that we know what we are talking about.

Triple award (German)

And the best for last: The cost 

toujou contains everything you need to create and run a website, so we offer an all-inclusive service. Including a domain. This gives you a premium package at a reasonable price. Because there's no hidden costs, you can present your clients reliable and transparent calculations for your web project. Just ask us about the terms for agencies and the options for using toujou. And as for availability, you can kickstart your toujou project tomorrow, if you want.

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