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Logo settings

In this section, you determine the characteristics and the use of your logo.

Tab: »Logo«

Step by step guide  Pieces of advice

Step by step

Format and size of the main logo

  • Click on the tab Logo.
  • Choose from horizontal, vertical or square at Logo Format in the drop-down bar to determine which display mode suits to your logo.
  • At Logo Size you customize the size (small, medium or large) in which your logo is displayed.
  • Click on the Save button above the workspace.

Upload the logo versions

  • The Allowed file extensions indicate which formats are required for the different versions. Upload the files with the button Add image for existing files in toujou or from your computer with the button Select files.
  • In any case, upload the main logo (Logo) and, if desired, other variants such as a Negative Logo, a Footer Logo, a TopBar Logo, or an SVG Logo. If a SVG logo is uploaded, this logo is automatically displayed.
  • With the Favicon, you set the small element in the tab of any browser that stands for your website. Depending on the file format, if the resolution is too low, the favicon may not be displayed. Make sure to provide a logo of sufficient size (> 260x260 px), which can be converted for display on different devices.
  • Click on the Save button above the workspace.

Pieces of advice

toujou is based on TYPO3 and anyone familiar with TYPO3 knows that there are many different options to use to reach your desired results. We would like to point out important information and little tricks that can assist you when you’re creating and editing your website.

Within the Logo Settings, you have several options to upload your logo or versions of it. The use of all possibilities is not necessary, for example if you only have one or few logo variants.

For instance, for the setting of a favicon with its extremely small display area it absolutely makes sense to choose a readable or a miniature version of your logo.